Wild Onion Nut Burgers - Original

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The Wild Onion Nut burger was created from the basic desire to nourish our families and friends with the most wholesome ingredients and mouthwatering gourmet fare.  Our unique blend of nuts, veggies and spices combine to make an unparalleled vegetarian patty enjoyed by vegetarians and meat-lovers alike.  

This is not your average vegetarian patty, this is not your average burger… 

Kids love them, meat lovers don’t miss the meat and there is a no more scrumptious vegetarian patty on the market…so say our distinguished tasters! 

Wild Onion Nut burgers are extremely…dare we say addictively…delicious when prepared as a traditional burger, the distinct flavour profile also allows our patties to be used as a healthy protein in a number of delicious creations. 

Wild Onion Nutburgers contain mostly organic ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible; with special consideration paid to the impact production has on the earth and society.