Local/Organic Produce Box

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Local/Organic Produce Box
Box orders received by Sunday at midnight are ready for delivery/pick-up the following Thursday after 12pm. If you wish to receive a weekly update about the ingredients, simply subscribe for the newsletter after checking out!
Please note: All products are subject to substitutions if necessary
Essentials Add On: Local Bacon (1pack), [stoke] Sourdough Bread (1loaf), Hutterite Eggs (1dozen) 
Celery - 1bunch, Red Onions - 3lbs, Mango - 1ea, Spring Mix Clamshell - 5oz, BC Yellow Zucchini - 0.75lbs, Sweet Potatoes - 2lbs, Bananas - 1lb, Broxburn Broccoli* - 1lb, Broxburn Carrots* - 2lbs
Celery - 1bunch, Red Onions - 3lbs, Mango - 2ea, Spring Mix Clamshell - 5oz, BC Yellow Zucchini - 1.5lbs, Sweet Potatoes - 3lbs, Bananas - 2lbs, Broxburn Broccoli* - 1.5lbs, Broxburn Carrots* - 2lbs, Local Strawberries* - 1lb, Okanagan Rainer Cherries* - 1.5lbs

Celery - 2bunches, Red Onions - 3lbs, Mango - 3ea, Spring Mix Clamshell - 10oz, BC Yellow Zucchini - 2lbs, Sweet Potatoes - 4lbs, Bananas - 3lbs, Broxburn Broccoli* - 2lbs, Broxburn Carrots* - 4lbs, Local Strawberries* - 2lbs, Okanagan Rainer Cherries* - 2lbs
* - Not Certified organic but locally grown! :) -  please list in the comment section of your order if you would prefer organic when possible and we are happy to offer an organic substitution!

We strive to support Local Farmers as much as possible but also work closely with Organic farmers from around the globe to ensure we can meet all preferences!